Lift operating training

The innovation and technology minister’s 54/2021. (xl. 5.) ITM decree deals with the training and examination of operators working with machines used in intelligent transport systems. 

It is stated in the decree that the professional course training and examination is necessary for operating the machines. 

Mateco educates and trains! 

Mateco provides the necessary training for its clients to get the official machine operating license! 

We provide support in both training and examination! 

What kind of training is necessary? 

The training consists of theoretical and practical parts, in which the curriculum and examination requirements have the following specified content: 

  • Theoretical educational part: 

  • General occupational safety and health and first aid knowledge 

  • General operating and technology knowledge 

  • Specialized machine specified knowledge 

  • Practical educational parts: 

  • Machine operating practice 

  • Occupational safety and health knowledge 

The exam 

It consists of two parts: 

  • Theoretical part – classroom 

  • Practical part – machine operation 

The examinees will be presenting their knowledge on the general and specific machine group based on the requirements of the educational plan and examination. 

During the training we will be covering every necessary lecture regarding the exam’s content, both theoretical and practical parts. 

Our goal is for everyone that relies on our team during training to face the exam with confidence! 

What does the machine operating license consist of? 

It consists of: 

  • The ID number of the license 

  • The publishing company’s name 

  • Personal identification data and portrait of the eligible 

  • The date and registration number of the exam 

  • The machine group’s code number 

  • The address and date of publication of the license 

  • The signature and stamp of the publisher  

  • The data regarding medical fitness. 

Noted in the license: 

the prior medical fitness >> by the examination center, 

the periodic medical fitness >> by the examining doctor. 

Content of the registration: 

  • The fact of the necessary medical requirements being adequate and their expiration date, 

  • The name of the doctor and their medical seal number, in terms of periodic medical fitness registration, 

  • The signature and stamp of the registering person. 

Good news however: all of the data above and the issuance of the license will be arranged by the examination center. 

What kind of machines can you get a license with us? 

  • Ground moving machines 

  • Forklift 

  • Personal lift and platforms 

  • Loading machine 

Moving forward? 

For prices and current exam dates contact us on +36 24 222 222 number, or by szerviz(at) email. 

Our partner training institution holds the exams for qualifications on the same day. 

The education is currently available only in Hungarian!