Trailer-mounted working platforms (road devices)

Lightweight and compact—these are the characteristics of our working platforms. As telescopic or articulating-boom working platforms, they reach working heights of up to 17 m. With the ball-head coupling installed, you can also easily and conveniently transport these working platforms yourself.

Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Height Weight
Nifty 120T 12.20 m 200 kg 4.50 m 1.50 m 1.90 m 1400 kg PDF
Nifty 170 17.10 m 200 kg 6.20 m 1.65 m 2.15 m 2160 kg PDF
TZ-50/30DC 16.92 m 200 kg 7.16 m 1.68 m 2.08 m 2200 kg PDF