Articulating booms

The aerial working platform (AWP) was designed to ensure a temporary and safe access to work in greater heights. There are several types available, including scissor lifts, truck mounted lifts, trailer mounted lifts and articulating-telescopic lifts. The latter option will be discussed in detail. 

Properties of articulating-telescopic lifts 

  1. The goal of the articulating-telescopic lift is to ensure a flexible and quick access to work in greater heights, when other machines could not ensure safety or when places, that are risky, have to be reached e.g., maintenance, construction sites or rescue works (fire-fighting, disaster relief). 
  2. These working platforms were designed to only lift a limited weight. Usually less than a ton is allowed – in case of the machines from mateco it’s about 200-450kg – however, some of them are bigger providing safer working conditions. 
  3. These properties are the main differences from other lifts and cranes that were designed for moving heavy weight and are constantly accessible. 
  4. The lifts and working platforms have three types, considering what they are powered by: 
  5. Diesel or Benzin fuelled base units. These platforms are for outdoor use. 
  6. Easy electrical units – that are more popular by day – for indoor use or for construction and maintenance in inner courtyards, isolated from the streets, since it is demanded to reduce the pollution emission on these places. 
  7. Hybrid working platforms that are both Diesel fuelled and electrical. 

How the articulating-telescopic lifts work 

  1. The articulating-telescopic lift consists of either a fixed frame or rotatable (360°) footstool and more controllable articulating parts, allowing the basket to movie in more than one direction, and the arm is also able to extend more in these directions. 
  2. The operator can move in vertical, lateral and also rotate, in which case the system automatically moves the basket to be horizontally aligned. 
  3. Some of the working platforms have the option to change the angle of inclination of the basket, which could be up to 90° degrees, for work in especially hard places. 
  4. Some models are able to extend not only upwards but downwards too. These platforms allow, to an extent, in lower-level safer work, such as, gravel quarry, utility sewer, or other low ground construction e.g., trench on a construction site. 
  5. Some models have traceless tires, which allow them for indoor use, for example, storage, production hall, or shopkeeping. 
  6. Other articulating-telescoping lifts are designed considering the cardinal aspects of outdoor businesses, for instance, they are equipped with four-wheel drive mode or with oscillating axis, that are especially good for rough terrain. These also have the kind of tire that is good for rough terrain. 
  7. Originally the articulating-telescopic lifts were designed for work on solid and flat surface. However, there is also a possibility for work on sloping area and for that there is a slope classification on each machine type, which can be found in every machine’s Manual. 
  8. Whether working on flat surface or on a sloping area, putting the pedestal of the lifts in a fix position, according to the weather and the type of work, is always a must. It will provide a wide and fixed base for our work. 

Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Height Weight
Z-33/18 12.00 m 200 kg 4.17 m 1.50 m 1.98 m 3665 kg PDF Részletek
Z-34/22 N 12.52 m 227 kg 5.72 m 1.47 m 2.00 m 5171 kg PDF Részletek
Z-40/23 N 14.32 m 227 kg 6.53 m 1.50 m 1.98 m 6908 kg PDF Részletek
Z-45/25 DC 15.87 m 227 kg 5.56 m 1.79 m 2.00 m 6963 kg PDF Részletek
Z-45/25 J DC 15.92 m 227 kg 6.83 m 1.79 m 2.00 m 7394 kg PDF Részletek
Z-45/25 Bi-Energy 15.92 m 227 kg 6.83 m 1.79 m 2.00 m 7620 kg PDF Részletek
Z-60/37 DC 20.16 m 227 kg 8.15 m 2.49 m 2.62 m 7530 kg PDF Részletek
Z-60/37 FE. 20.16 m 227 kg 8.15 m 2.49 m 2.62 m 7756 kg PDF Részletek
Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Height Weight
Z-34/22 IC 4 WD 12.52 m 227 kg 5.64 m 1.73 m 2.00 m 4892 kg PDF Részletek
Z-45 XC 15.87 m 454 kg 6.66 m 2.29 m 2.13 m 7394 kg PDF Részletek
Z-45/25 J RT 4 WD 16.05 m 227 kg 6.65 m 2.29 m 2.13 m 6460 kg PDF Részletek
Z-51/30 J RT 4 WD 17.59 m 227 kg 7.58 m 2.29 m 2.29 m 7394 kg PDF Részletek
Z-60/34 J RT 4 WD 20.39 m 227 kg 8.15 m 2.46 m 2.69 m 11231 kg PDF Részletek
Z-62/40 J RT 4 WD 20.87 m 227 kg 7.58 m 2.49 m 2.90 m 10430 kg PDF Részletek
Z-80/60 J RT 4 WD 25.77 m 227 kg 11.27 m 2.49 m 3.00 m 16284 kg PDF Részletek
ZX-135/70 43.15 m 272 kg 12.93 m 2.49 m 3.09 m 20502 kg PDF Részletek
Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Height Weight
Z-60/37FE 20.16 m 227 kg 8.15 m 2.49 m 2.62 m 7756 kg PDF Részletek
HR21 20.80 m 225 kg 6.70 m 2.27 m 2.15 m 6500 kg PDF Részletek
E800AJ-elektromos 26.20 m 230 kg 11.13 m 2.48 m 2.98 m 15558 kg PDF
HR28 28.00 m 280 kg 9.28 m 2.49 m 2.70 m 14650 kg PDF Részletek
Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Height Weight
ZX 135/70 43.10 m 272 kg 12.93 m 2.44 m 3.09 m 21092 kg PDF Részletek
JLG 1500AJP 48.15 m 454 kg 12.10 m 2.50 m 3.10 m 26036 kg PDF Részletek

* Cégcsoporton belül elérhető gép, extra szállítási díj várható

Which kind of work place can be the articulating-telescopic lift used for? 

They are used widely for every kind of maintenance, construction, or production, including: 

  • The construction of the structural frame of a stadium, the cladding elements on the sides, and the floorspace. 

  • Energy and telecommunications industries to reach trolley wires.  

  • In the logging industry, to provide a safe area, when working with large or dangerous trees (for example, with damaged or rotten branches in greater heights). 

Additional working places: 

  • Building maintenance, 
  • Constructions, 
  • Electrical repairs, 
  • Installation of HEVAC system (cooling, heating and AC systems), 
  • Landscape building, 
  • Factories, 
  • Water pipe repairing, 
  • Roofing, 
  • Window cleaning, 
  • Inventory and logistics, 
  • Public utility maintenance. 

The articulating-telescopic lift has a special type that is used worldwide by firefighters and is suitable especially for action in greater heights and hardly reachable places. This type of lift is also vehicle mount, which usually has more functions, for example, a water hose that can be attached to a water hydrant and is greatly supporting the work of the firefighters.  

Summarizing the advantages of the articulating-telescopic lifts 

  • The lifting platform is manoeuvrable to upwards, downwards and to the sides 
  • The platform can adjust to narrow places 
  • It is usable for indoor and outdoor work as well, depending on the type 
  • The extension of the arm is maximizable, thanks to the articulating “joints” 
  • It is capable of providing safe working conditions, even in places that are complicated to reach 

Contact our colleagues with trust! 

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