Scissor lifts

The scissor working platform, aka scissor lift is a commercial machine that maximises the productivity of shifts and is supporting work both indoors and outdoors depending on the drive type. Its primary goals are to lift the necessary materials and tools, as well as the workers when working at height, and to provide an accident-free work environment.

We differentiate two types of scissor lift according to drive type:

  • The electrical scissor lifts have longer operated time, provide quieter work environment and zero emissions, and they can provide safe working conditions even in busy working areas in operation.
  • The diesel fuelled scissor lifts can pass through hard, rough and uneven terrain and perfectly support constructions, maintenance work demanding bigger power and load capacity.

Electrical scissor lift for indoor use

We offer our self-propelled scissor lifts to our clients for indoor use as well. Working with these electrically powered scissor lifts will be much more precise and safer for the colleagues, as well as faster and more efficient.

How do scissor lifts support indoor work?

Let it be about storage or construction, when using these self-propelled scissor lifts, the clients will always be thankful. Using these machines, which are also controllable from the basket, precious time and energy will be saved. Moving these machines is also much easier, saving the trouble of stopping the work.

Browse through our collection of electrically powered scissor lifts as you like:

  • Choose the best possible option available, based on the height, the size of the basket and the capacity of the machine.
  • We are happy to help in case of doubts or questions, just call our colleagues and they will work together with you in finding the machine most practical for your use.


Diesel scissor lifts for outdoor use 

Our diesel scissor lifts are better for outdoor use, considering the fuel consumption. It is the best choice, in case of outdoor storage or other outdoor constructions. 

You don’t have to give up on the advantages and comfort of the scissor lifts outside either. The scissor lifts, which are controllable from the basket, give the opportunity for your colleagues to focus entirely on their work, even during the change of positions. 

Some of our diesel scissor lifts were constructed with bigger wheels, making them more stable on rough terrain, to keep our colleagues in safety. These are usually higher than other machines, in which case a more massive railing provides the possibility for safer work. 

In case of questions, just call our colleagues! 

Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Height Weight
GS 1330 DC 5.90 m 227 kg 1.41 m 0.78 m 1.68 m 885 kg PDF
GS 1432 E-drive 6.30 m 227 kg 1.49 m 0.81 m 1.40 m 900 kg PDF Részletek
GS 1532 DC 6.40 m 272 kg 1.83 m 0.81 m 1.73 m 1269 kg PDF
GS 1930 DC 7.79 m 227 kg 1.83 m 0.76 m 1.75 m 1476 kg PDF
GS 1932 DC 7.60 m 227 kg 1.83 m 0.81 m 1.75 m 1503 kg PDF
GS 2032 DC 7.90 m 363 kg 2.44 m 0.81 m 1.78 m 1825 kg PDF
GS 2632 DC 9.80 m 227 kg 2.44 m 0.81 m 1.91 m 1959 kg PDF
GS 2646 DC 9.80 m 454 kg 2.41 m 1.17 m 1.68 m 2447 kg PDF
GS 3232 DC 11.50 m 227 kg 2.43 m 0.81 m 2.43 m 2352 kg PDF
GS 3246 DC 11.50 m 318 kg 2.41 m 1.17 m 1.80 m 2812 kg PDF
GS 3369 DC 11.75 m 454 kg 3.12 m 1.75 m 1.92 m 3623 kg PDF
GS 4047 DC 13.70 m 350 kg 2.44 m 1.19 m 1.88 m 3221 kg PDF
GS 4069 DC 14.12 m 363 kg 3.12 m 1.75 m 2.08 m 4810 kg PDF
GS 4655 E-drive 15.95 m 349 kg 3.11 m 1.41 m 1.98 m 3701 kg PDF Részletek
HL 190E 18.80 m 500 kg 3.40 m 1.20 m 3.40 m 7985 kg PDF
HL 220E 21.50 m 500 kg 3.74 m 1.26 m 3.74 m 9120 kg PDF
PB S225-12ES 22.50 m 450 kg 3.80 m 1.22 m 4.46 m 10290 kg PDF Részletek
HL-330 E14 33.00 m 600 kg 4.28 m 1.40 m 6.60 m 23950 kg PDF Részletek
Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Height Weight
GS 2669 RT OR 10.00 m 680 kg 3.12 m 1.75 m 1.92 m 3309 kg PDF
GS 3369 RT OR 11.90 m 454 kg 2.67 m 1.73 m 1.83 m 3490 kg PDF
GS 3390 RT OR 11.94 m 1.13 t 4.88 m 2.29 m 2.03 m 6728 kg PDF
GS 4069 RT OR 14.30 m 363 kg 3.12 m 1.75 m 2.74 m 5039 kg PDF
GS 4390 RT OR 14.75 m 680 kg 4.88 m 2.29 m 2.25 m 7163 kg PDF
GS 5390 RT OR 17.95 m 680 kg 4.88 m 2.29 m 2.47 m 8050 kg PDF
Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Height Weight
HL 220E12 21.70 m 500 kg 3.74 m 1.20 m 3.74 m 9120 kg PDF
HL 220E25 21.70 m 750 kg 4.74 m 2.44 m 3.65 m 11670 kg PDF
S 225-12ES 22.50 m 450 kg 4.49 m 1.22 m 3.69 m 10290 kg PDF
HL 275E25 27.20 m 750 kg 6.57 m 2.50 m 3.89 m 19371 kg PDF
S 275-14ES 27.50 m 700 kg 6.60 m 1.40 m 3.80 m 20000 kg PDF
HL 285E13 28.20 m 750 kg 5.60 m 1.32 m 4.10 m 19370 kg PDF
HL 285E13 NG 28.20 m 750 kg 5.60 m 1.32 m 4.10 m 19371 kg PDF
S 320-14ES 32.00 m 600 kg 6.60 m 1.40 m 4.25 m 22000 kg PDF
HL 330E14 33.00 m 600 kg 6.60 m 1.40 m 4.28 m 24000 kg PDF
Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Height Weight
HL 220 D 25 21.70 m 750 kg 4.84 m 2.44 m 3.65 m 11990 kg PDF
JLG 245-12 24.50 m 600 kg 5.37 m 1.24 m 3.10 m 15000 kg
S 275-24DS 25.50 m 700 kg 6.60 m 2.40 m 2.95 m 20000 kg PDF
HL 275D27 25.50 m 1.00 t 6.57 m 2.65 m 3.89 m 21910 kg PDF
S 320-24DS 30.14 m 600 kg 6.15 m 2.40 m 3.25 m 22000 kg
HL 340D30 31.50 m 1.00 t 7.00 m 2.98 m 2.87 m 31200 kg PDF
SL 320-30 32.00 m 1.40 t 7.85 m 3.00 m 3.50 m 39800 kg

* Available in the mateco Special Equipment division with extra transport fee

Choose from our scissor lifts with care!

Our scissor lifts are provided with universal equipment that support constructions, maintenance and storage tasks. For this reason, the manufacturers have come up with different kind of equipment to satisfy everyone’s need on the market.

Electrical vs. diesel fuelled scissor lifts

For many people it is a matter of principle to use electrical vehicles, work machines, however it is a rather practical matter in the case of scissor lifts.

The electrical scissor lifts:

· They emit a minimal amount of pollution, which is why they are perfect for indoor use.

· A further aspect is that the noise pollution of these machines is less not making as big of a noise, indoors in a closed space, as the diesel fuelled lifts.

· Because of this it is also suitable for maintenance work indoors, such as a department store, a market and a sports hall or even a bigger medical centre.

In contrast our diesel fuelled machines are rather suitable for outdoor work:

· Their advantage is that being as a diesel fuelled machine, they do not depend on the distance from a power outlet, nor on the lifespan of a battery.

· These machines were especially designed to provide safety for the people working in the basket even on the most varied terrain.

· The weight they can carry differs from the electrical ones, since they are able to carry more at a somewhat bigger maximum height.

· Because of it they are equipped with more serious safety gear, since the danger is much bigger up there.

How many people will be on a scissor lift at once?

After we decided on what type of work, we need the lift for, either in- or outdoors, the next step will be to determine the capacity of the chosen lift.

Keep in mind, when choosing the right capacity, that the lifts have a predetermined personnel capacity, which cannot be overstepped at any time! If so a lift with a capacity of more than a ton is chosen, that can carry up to 7 people, it cannot overstep the predetermined personnel capacity, even when it seems to fit more in regard of the load capacity. The reason for this is that the size of the platform determines the personnel capacity.

How big of a work territory do we need?

After we decided on the personnel capacity, the next step is to determine the load capacity and the work territory. In regard of the work territory, the number and the weight of the necessary

tools is very important. For example, a different load capacity is necessary for painting the ceiling and for putting the lights up.

After that we need to choose the size of the platform. Some lifts have extendable platforms, providing a bigger working area and decreasing the times needed to get in position.

Contact our colleagues with trust!

Our colleagues are always ready to help. If you still got questions, either about the scissor lifts or any other machines, please contact our colleagues and they will give you every information.