Integrated company policy

The long-term objective of Mateco - Hungary Kft. is to provide an utmost fast, reliable and quality service in the field of sales, maintenance and leasing of construction lifting machinery, to manage our processes and improve their performance, to comply with the legal regulations, as well as to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements.

The management of Mateco -Hungary Kft. is aware that in order to achieve its sustainable targets the establishment and development of environmentally responsible corporate behavior are imperative. Keeping this in mind, the implementation and operation of a quality control and environmental management system based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards is a fundamental requirement for us.

We guarantee the securing and retention of our new and old clients’ trust by the continuous fulfillment of quality criteria, as well as by up-to-date technical standards. We give priority to understanding and satisfying the anticipated and expected requirements of our customers.

We are aiming at establishing long-term relationships with our suppliers and service providers. We expect that the services they provide correspond with the specified high-standard quality criteria, by this and thus promoting the perfect quality level of our services.

For the sake of retaining our competitiveness in environmental protection, we constantly monitor and assess the risks and impacts, and we define measures in order to prevent the risks of technologies with associated high-risk/significant impact, as well as their mitigation. We minimize emission to the environment with our measures. We pay extra attention to the application of low-waste technologies and the safeguarding of the quality of water supplies. We reduce harmful air pollution, the quantity of emerging sewage water and use environmentally friendly chemicals.