About us

We established our company in 1999 with the aim of satisfying the needs for lifting equipment and work platforms used in structural architecture and to offer a solution to every problem demand for machinery arising from working up high above the ground that enables quick and effective work performance.

The machines of various profiles and utilisation purposes have been introduced step by step in the Hungarian market and have acquired increasing popularity due to careful selection and reliable service network.

To reach our goal, we developed our equipment fleet with four equipment families – self-propelled work platforms, mast-climbing platforms, hanging platforms, multifunctional telehandlers – thus covering every area of application that may arise as a demand and as a solution.

In our fleet we only have the best equipped work platforms of the leading manufacturers, representing, among others, such manufacturers as Genie Industries., JLG, Manitou, Toyota or Holland Lift. 

We established a daughter company in Romania in 2003, then in Serbia in 2008, thus becoming a key regional player in this sector.

We started cooperating with the best

In January 2013 we stabilized our position in the regional market via a cooperation with a strong partner, TVH of Belgium. TVH is a company with a high reputation dealing with the sale of parts for forklifts, and work platforms and agricultural machinery as well as and the rental of boom lifts personal and freight elevation equipment and forklifts.

We launched the establishment of our sites of own development in 2015. At first we built our central site and office building at Szigetszentmiklós. 

In the same year, our company has become a market leading key actor in Hungary thanks to the development of the dynamic years of the preceding period. 

We continued the development of our sites in 2017. In Debrecen, our site of our own construction and our office building make the city’s largest Industrial Park more colourful with conventionally high quality and customer service.

Our subsidiary ‘Romlift’ owned by Gépbér merged with our biggest competitor in Rumania in 2017; the new company has been operating further under the name ‘Industrial Access’ evidently as a market leader since the merger.

As a result of our persisting development, the extension of our central site became inevitable in 2018 as a consequence of which the size of both our area and our storage facility doubled. 

Our fleet for rent exceeded the magic 1000 units in February 2019.

Within the framework of a ceremony for the 20th anniversary of our existence and following the five-year period spent as a member of a Belgian company group,

Gépbér changed its name and took the name ‘MATECO’ (uniform within the company group) on 29 March 2019; it has been present in 12 countries as the greatest brand name of the European branch.

Opened in Győr, as a center in western Hungary, a self-built site and office building with the high quality and customer service expected from mateco. </p>

Our rental fleet consists of

  • Trailer-mounted working platforms
  • Scissors and telescopic working platforms
  • Special working platforms
  • Telescopic forklifts